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SWGMail.com is one of the first online page to get statistics and manage your vendor mails. You can also use it as a backup of you normal mail. Apart from many other mail manager programs/homepages this allow you to see all mails, not only vendor mails. It doesn't require you to install and unsecure software.
You can also get global statistics from one galaxy and total stastistics for all galaxies.
Are you a merchant and want soem help with your sales. try this homepage. It will help you with getting easy statistics of your salse.
If you have any question feel free to ask in the forum which can be found in the menu to the left. You don't need to be registered to use the forum.
As most people know it is not free to run a homepage. I have decied to not charge any money to use this site so I will do my best to keep the costs of the page as low as possible. If you feel you like the page and want to help us you are very welcome to do a small donation. The donation doesn't need to be big, any amount is very welcome.
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